“Bitmap,” an art-based research project explores the significance of chronophotography as a tool for studying, not just for motion but also for pixel mapping the habits and routines of a performative space – the kitchen. The term “Bitmap” in computation, is used for mapping of pixels of a domain that arranges data to form the image. This digital art exploration uses to offers resolve the mapping of the utilization of a private site. The documentary research deconstructs the performative pattern gathered from the first hours of the day of a household in the most frequently practiced domestic area – the kitchen. The output concludes that the frequency use of a place determines the ownership of a place. Space and users, thus become hybrid.

This is an on-going project  started from  the culmination activity of the Master in Fine Arts program at the University of the Philippines. The exhibit runs in May 2019 up to June 2019 at the Mono 8 Gallery.

What I did:
This is my personal academic project submitted as culmination activity to my MFA class. I did the concept to execution.

Softwares I used:
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere

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